Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Stamping with Pretty Serious Cosmetic Nail Polish

Hi there everyone! Today I have lots of swatches for you and it's all about Pretty Serious cosmetics nail polish range.
I had a bunch of readers ask if I could road test Pretty Serious's nail polish as an alternative to stamping polish, And as I own all of their collections I was happy to compare them for you.
So lets get started.

For all the swatches I have done today, I used a standard rectangle sticky stamper, Sugar Bubbles plate 028 and Messy Mansion scraper. I stamped over a 50/50 white and black swatch stick so you can see the colours over dark and light polish.

First up are the greens and blues. I went through my collection and grabbed any colours I thought would stamp.

 From left to right the colours are - Forbidden Fruit, Blue Gums on Boxing Day, Swatch and Learn, Phantom Planet, Nightopia, Elliot, Galaxy Invader and Tux.

As you can see most of them performed fantastic over the white, but only really Forbidden Fruit and Elliot was fairly visible on black. You may almost notice that colours like Nightopia which look green in the bottle actually look blue when stamped. I found this a few times as I swatched the Pretty Serious shades. It was cool that this is the case.

Next up are the pinks and purples.

From left to right- Claris, CGA, The Pink One, Atomic Brain, Gargoyle Ganache, Naughty Night Shift Nurse, Poltergeist Puddle, Into Dreams.

Once again they all looked great over the white, tho The Pink One I thought was awesome as it looked slightly blue then stamped over black. Plus NNSN stamped but also places some of the flakies on the swatch so over black it created a cool effect.

Next are the reds and oranges.

Left to right - My Darlin Clementine, Generally Hazzardous, Martian Sea, Santas Sunburn, Nightmaren and Evie's First Christmas.

What surprised me with pretty much all of these was that the colour in the bottle did not stamp the same. Nightmaren and Evies First Christmas are both quite bright red polishes on the nail but when stamped looked really pink!  I loved Santa's Sunburn the best as It stamped well over black and white. I would love to see Kaz of Pretty Serious make a whole range of this type of polish.

The next set of swatches are of the Brand New Undies collection. This was the most asked collection to be swatched. All of this collection stamped really well apart from Lacy Underthings which I felt was a little thin and therefore did not look the same in the bottle as stamped.

Left to Right- Comfy- Y- Fronts, Granny Panties, Under Dunders, Lacy Underthings, Daring Delicates, Knickers in a Knot.

I was quite impressed that most stamped well on black and white! My picks are Grannie Panties and Under Dunders for the most opaque over black.

Lastly are the Pinup Perfection Collection Swatches. I was quite surprised with these, I thought they would stamp awesome but even tho several are red, when stamped most looked pink.

From left to right- Looks that Kill, Hell on Wheels, Love Bite, Irresistibly Pink, Dangerous Curves Ahead and Perfection Projection.

I hope this has been helpful, and it shows you that many of  Pretty Serious cosmetics polishes are great for stamping.

You can purchase Pretty Serious cosmetics for AUD$9.95 each and they ship worldwide.

Until next time...
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