Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Quick Swatches of Celestial Polish Stamping Polish.

*Press Samples

Hi there everyone! The other day when I shared some stamping techniques and a video I totally forgot to share with you swatches of the celestial polish Stamping polishes!! *facepalm*
So today I would love to share Celestial Cosmetics Stamping colours.

With all of the colours except for snow (white) and Midas (gold) the colours are not opaque over black or dark colours. but as you may have seen in one of my YouTube Channel videos , this is not an issue if you add a little white stamping polish!

Also I need to add that I use these stamping polishes a lot due to the formula and ease of use with stamping plates. If you are a beginner to stamping I would highly recommend this particular brand and the are not at all thick or gluggy, and give a little pay room when scraping and stamping.
Lets check them out!!!!!

Top to bottom, left to right, we have Snow, Pitch,Ruby, Midas, Leaf and Denim.

I have swatched them on sticks to show the colours.



All 6 are some of my favourite stamping polishes!

You can purchase them at Celestial Cosmetics and they start at only AUD$6.50 a bottle.

Also we have a discount code for this week! use Loki10 to get 10% off Celestial Cosmetics stamping polish!

Until next time.......
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