Friday, March 7, 2014

AN Monday (friday) Princess Evie.

Hi there everyone! today is Aussie nails...well Friday..... yes i know i have been AWOL for almost a week ...but I have been dealing with one hell of a migraine :( and the smell of polish just made me wanna throw yesterday I went swatch mad and did the weeks worth of manis to catch up!!

Ok so this week is Princess Evie..... I'm sure your asking .."whos that?"well or very own home grown Kaz of Pretty Serious cosmetics had a beautiful baby girl the other week so all our manis are for her :)
Plus what better way to celebrate Evie than with a mani!,so I got out some PSC and started painting :)

I used Pretty Serious Cosmetics CGA, Surfing Alien and Forbidden Fruit, Ulta3 Black satin. Embellishments are a bow from bundle monster, and cheeky stamping plate princess charming and Fun plate 11.

Cute right??
Loki's Lacquer cannot wait to see little Evie in person soon, at our next polish meet up and give her a big hug!!!

Until next week.....
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