Saturday, March 8, 2014

Picture Polish Aurora... (Pic heavy).

Hi there everyone! 
Today I have the NEW Picture Polish Aurora swatches to share with you. 
First up let me just say this polish is now sold out. But Picture Polish will be re stocking it at the end of march so make sure you keep up with them by subscribing to their newsletter.

OK.... So I was waiting on my PC when this was released. and surprise my internet dropped out just before it was going live, so I had to use my phone to buy it. And it became a VERY expensive bottle of polish. I went over the little data I have in my phone and ended up with an extra charge of $25 to my phone bill just in the time it took me to order the polish. God knows what vodafone charge per kb but it must be A LOT!!!
When I received the polish along with the other LE I ordered. I swatched them on a wheel and I was really disappointed with them. They were really thin and, yes I know what your thinking...they need to go over black.... I know...... but they seemed even thinner than the Ozotics that I owned. :(
But I chose to give them a go as the swatches I had seen  were stunning.

So with all the pics I will be sharing with you today I used base coat, 1 coat of Ulta3 black satin (my go to black) and 3 thin coats of Aurora. I also made sure it was an overcast day when I took the pics as I find you get the best shift on those days.

The polish is amazing on. God knows why I ever doubted it! tho id love for it to be a bit more pigmented so I only have to do one or two coats max. But that's because I want to make it last LOL!!

So after taking these pics I thought oh! I need to stamp over this polish, so I grabbed my Messy Mansion MM21 and MM29 stamping plates and did a little stamping .

It just reminds me of dragons. Simply Stunning!!!

I will be sharing with you all the other polishes in this Limited Edition collection over the next week or so.
If you would like to purchase any Picture Polish check them out HERE. Their polishes retail from AUD$10.00 to $14.50 depending what ones you like. Plus don't forget you can check out their etailers for your closest place to purchase around the world.

Until next time.......
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