Sunday, March 9, 2014

Lynnderella 8 maids minting swatches.

Hi there Everyone, Today's post i'm going to share with you Lynnderella Eight maids minting. This was one of the 12 polishes that was released for Christmas 2013. I purchased my bottle from  Glitter Connect.
I have created 7 different manicures with this polish so show how versatile one bottle of polish just is.
Under each picture i will list the other polishes and accessories I used with each mani.

Base colour is Le Chat coral carnation.

Base coat is Coral Carnation and under UV light.

base coat of Ulta3 mermaid green, then stamped with messy mansion plate MM20

Base coat Ulta3 Mermaid green

base coat Ulta3 mermaid green and stamped with black
and messy mansion MM21 and MM29

base coat Ulta3 Fruit tingle

base coat a gradient of  Ulta3 lollypop lilac and glamourpuss

Base coat of Ulta3 infamous
So there is plenty of different colours and ways to use this beautiful polish!!!
Don't forget you can purchase Lynnderella polishes from GLITTER CONNECT  at only AUD$24.95. If you live outside Australia you can purchase from LYNNDERELLA.

Until next time......
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