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Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish swatches. Lady Luster,High Society, Glitter Chatter and Glisten up!

Hi there everyone!
Today I have to share with you 4 of the new Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polishes that were released in Priceline a few weeks ago. I purchased 2 of them and my hubby came home with 2 of them for me that week as well......hes such a good boy!!! and can I add he picked me glitter ones too which I was impressed with, tho he did say he had to pick between the glitter or a colour called "back to the fuchsia"as it reminded him of his favorite movie!!
Any ways.... here are the four colours i'm sharing today.

Excuse the condition of the boxes I had already opened them before I took the pic.

So we have from left to right- High society, Glisten up!, Glitter chatter and Lady Luster. All the polish in this collection are 7ml bottles, so they are not the regular size polishes you tend to find with Sally Hansen. There are 24 colours in the collection and currently I have seen 20 of them in Priceline online. 
These polishes are LED cured, so you will need a LED lamp to use them. *UV lamps will not work with them. You can purchase a Sally Hansen Starter kit from Priceline for under $100 and that comes with the LED lamp, base and top coat, one gel colour (there are 2 kits to choose from colour wise) cleansing pads ,acetone remover, cuticle stick ,file and buffer. Plus of course the instruction manual.
All of the colours in the range need to be cured for 30 seconds with the Sally Hansen lamp. Times may vary if you use a different lamp, so please be aware of this.
*I will be sharing a step by step guide on how to use this starter kit in a later post. So make sure you subscribe to my blog to get all the info.*

But for now lets look at the swatches.

High Society- This is a micro glitter in a clear gel base. A bright blue and a goldie silver glitter mix with the majority of the glitter being blue. The glitter is jam packed in the bottle and you can get this polish opaque with enough coats. When I first put it on my nails it reminded me of OPI Absolutely Alice. I would love to hear what you think about this. I will swatch my bottle of AA soon and do a comparison for you. To get opaqueness in these pics I used the gel base, 3 coats of the gel colour (cured after each coat of course) and then the gel top coat. In the other manicure, I created a gradient of High Society with a makeup sponge over a silver gel polish. This was simple enough. just place the gel on the sponge and dab on the nail. Cure after each layer as you would a normal gel manicure.
You can get some great gradients with gel polish.

In Sun 3 coats by itself.

In sun, 3 coats by itself.

In Shade, 3 coats by itself

In sun, 2 coats of silver gel, and 2 coats of High society gradient.

In Shade, 2 coats of silver gel, and 2 coats of High society gradient

In Sun, 2 coats of silver gel, and 2 coats of High society gradient

Glisten Up!- Ok, So this polish is I think, very unique, I do not have anything really quite like it in my collection. I have similar black polish with glitter in them, but nothing at all in gel and not with the glitter combo.
This gel is a black based polish with a combo of silver and coloured glitters scattered throughout. It was really hard to capture the different coloured glitter in the photos but you can see them a little in the shade shots I took. The coverage was great and I only needed 2 coats. I could have almost gotten away with one coat, but I don't like to go too think with gels so I took the safe route and did 2 thin coats. 

In sun

In sun

In shade

In shade

in dappled light

Glitter Chatter- This polish honestly, I was not really excited about, sure it is glittery and sparkly, but I just knew it was going to be impossible to layer and get opaque and not have any kind of VNL (visible nail line), and I was correct, even after 5 coats on a swatch stick it was still not opaque, but fear not glitter lovers, there are some plus sides to this pretty polish! First up.... It is a very close dupe to OPI teenage dream. I will swatch them for comparison soon so keep an eye out. Secondly, This polish because of its sheer nature is an awesome polish to layer over other gels. The glitter brings a second life to dull boring cremes!!! And I think becasue of this I will wear it more often. So here are the swatches, the first ones are 5 coats by them selves. You can see because of the may layers the polish started to slide a bit and it is not 100% even. the second lot of swatches are over a pink gel. and I only did one coat. Can I also add here that these pics do not do this polish justice as far and the sparkle goes. OMG!!! this polish was amazing with its glitter. the holo glitters in it just sparkled to no end but as we all know it is so hard to capture on camera.

5 coats in sun

5 coats in shade

5 coats in sun

1 coat over pink gel in sun

1 coat over pink gel in shade

1 coat over pink in sun

Lady Luster-  Now this polish I was excited over...... as soon as I saw the box I knew it was a dupe of Sally Hansens lustre collection - Lava. And I was correct! I will do a comparison swatch later but for now lets talk about this gel. So like the polish form of this colour, the gel consists of what I would describe as tiny glass flakies. which in specific lights will look from pink to orange to gold. It is not a full blown duochrome polish but it is still a very nice one to have in your gel collection as there is nothing much out there quite like it gel wise. As it is a flakie based gel, I did find it hard to get full opaqueness, which was a little frustrating. But then I decided to pop it over a black gel base. OMG how it looks totally different over a different colour. 
I did 4 coats of gel for the first lot of pics, and for the second lot I put 1 coat over a black gel polish.

In sun

In shade

In dappled light

over black in sun

over black in sun

over black in sun

So there you have it! four of the new Sally Hansen Salon Gel polishes. Personally I think these are all worth getting as they can be used for more than one many and in many different ways.

You can currently purchase Sally Hansen Salon Gel polishes as well as the starter kit at PRICELINE in store or online. The polish is RRP $19.95 for 7mls and the starter kits are $99.95 which gives you a great starting platform for your new gel manicure!

Stay tuned as I will be now popping a gel post on every Friday, and if you miss one, dont fear, you can click on the GEL polish tab at the top of my blog to find links for all gel posts.

Until next time....
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