Saturday, March 1, 2014

OPI Gwen Stefani collection swatches and review

Hi there everyone!
Today I have 4 of the polishes from the OPI Gwen Stefani collection to share with you.
Here is a quick look at the collection.

I have love music angel baby, 4 in the morning, push and shove and over and over a gwen to show you today.

*I purchased all of these polishes from Pro Nail in Bankstown. 

First up is The signature polish.

Over and over a Gwen-  This is a lovely bright red creme. The pigmentation on this polish was awesome it was not too thin and honestly I could have almost got away with only one coat, but did 2 coats. The polish also comes in a fancy "signature" box along with some swarovski gems and studs in a little pack and a tiny tube of nail glue. You will also find a little booklet with ideas on how to use the gems. I used a base coat along with Seche Vite as my top coat.

I used the gems along with push and shove for the dots and 4 in the morning for the french tip. the glitter is Lynnderella connect the dots.

Push and Shove- This is the silver chrome polish everyone was talking about. Now the polish is suppose to come with a mini bottle of base coat especially for the chrome polish, but when I purchased mine it did not come with one. I'm not sure if this is the case everywhere, who knows? but the special base coat is not a necessity, I found several other types of base coat worked just as well.
I tried my Jessica Aqua base I have for holographic polish, a standard Essie base coat, a Top coat as my base coat and Picture Polishes Revolution as well.  Out of all of them I found Picture Polish revolution was the best by far, then the aqua base coat, the only one that did not work was the top coat as a base coat. I knew it would not really work but figured i'd give it a go anyways!

So this swatch is 1 coat of Picture Polish revolution then 3 coats of OPI push and Shove. The first pic is with a top coat and the second with out a top coat.

without top coat

with top coat of out the door

Honestly there was not much difference. I took the pics in the shade as in the sun it was way to shiny! blow your eyes shiny!. I really did not think I would like this polish as I have a Kiko silver chrome that I love, but apart from the fact i need to use a different base, I love this polish! and it was great for nail art too.

Love, Angel, Music, Baby- Is one of the satin polishes released. It is a pale gold satin which when I look at it very much like OPI honey ryder just without the texture and extra glitter. the colour is very similar. It is stunning. I wore this polish with out a top coat for 3 days and it wore really well. I used 3 coats for this swatch but could have gotten away with 2 coats really.

In shade

In sun

4 In the Morning- This is the other satin polish in the collection. I have always wanted a black matte polish and OPI Obscurity has been on my wish list for EVER! So when I saw this matte black I had to purchase it. Now the thing is, it is not really black as such, I would say it is pretty close...but more really really really dark charcoal than black. I swatched 2 coats over OPI love,angel music,baby to create a ruffian Mani. No top coat of course.

All in all the collection is great. I love every colour I purchased, and when I have the spare cash I think I will get the remainder of the collection. I have my eye on that pink!!

I purchased mine from Pro Nail Bankstown. They charge AUD$12 for OPI and AUD$15 for the signature red in the box. You can also purchase them from Myer and David Jones for around AUD$19.95 each.

Until next time......
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