Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lush Summer picks.

Hey there everyone!

Lush..... I love this brand so very much, and after the massive haul of candy mountains bubble bars, bath bombs, snow fairy shower gels (yep i got 5 bottles in total!!) its nice to see the LUSH summer range out now to give us all that detox for summer.

So whats available in 2014 summer????
* All products purchased by me.

First up is Big Blue Bath Ballistic it has the fragrance of lemon, lavender and seaweed. The smell is so relaxing. and it turns the bath blue which my kids just love!! RRP $6.75

LUSH Australia

Next is Stepping Stone I love that Lush have a foot scrubby. When you are in thongs around and about you don't want dry heels and flakie skin and this is where the stepping stone comes in. The smell is hard to describe. its a fresh and a little zesty, its great...tho don't leave it around for your children to play with.... my 3 yr old thought it was a bath ballistic and when I turned my back Poppy had put it in the bath and it started to disintegrate! Naughty Poppy!!! RRP$5.95

LUSH Australia

Last up is WHOOSH Jelly this comes in 2 sizes 100g and 240g size.
I love how this smells of citrus, it is super refreshing in the morning when your in a rush to get out of the house.Again I love that's it is blue! My eldest daughter Zoe loves Whoosh too so I have to hide it!!!!
The 100g tub is a great size to take on holidays and the larger tub is great for home. RRP$6.25 (100g) and RRP$12.95(240g)

LUSH Australia

Everything is available now at your local Lush store. or you can also purchase LUSH online shipping is a little pricey at $9.00 for the cheapest postal price, but if you cannot get to a LUSH store well worth your cash!

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