Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Aussie Nails Monday- Australian nails....a whole week!

Hi there everyone! today is a special week here at Lokis lacquer, and actually everywhere in oz land! cause it is Australia day on the 26th Jan and here at Lokis Lacquer and many other blogs we are having a week of aussie manis!
So my first mani was inspired by Cathy over at MORE NAIL POLISH i went with the aussie flag.
I used china glaze man hunt and Ulta3 new limited edition stripers.

My stars are not the greatest but I gave it a go :)

I will be doing aussie manis all week and trying to combine other challenges im doing with other groups :) 
If you would like to check out everyone elses manis for aussie week check out the link below!

Until next time.......

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