Friday, January 24, 2014

Aussie nails week- red back spider mani.

Hi there everyone,
So today is a mani which is cute but a bit creepy especially if you do not like spiders......
Red backs are a spider here in oz, they are kind of like the black widow or america but they have a big ass red stripe on their butts. Their bite can kill a child, but would make a adult very sick.

image sorce
They are little buggers which make their webs everywhere and seem to like getting where they are not suppose too! ive seen on many occasion one under a chair I need to sit on etc. And we are always finding them in our garden.

So I created some nail art with several stamping plates and Ulta3 polish and a little glitter.

I painted my nails with Ulta3 Allure then stamps with mash plate 53 to create the woodgrain effect with Ulta3 Chinchily, then with mash plate 38 and Messy mansion plate MM11 i stamped the spiders in Ulta3 lily black, then popped the red on them with Ulta3 sizzling red striper polish. Lastly I added a little bit of gliter to the wet red polish and popped a top coat on.

Creepy but cute!!!
You can purchase Ulta 3 at your local chemist, and online at The Heat Group. My stamp plates i got from MASH nails and the MM11 plate from Messy Mansion.

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Until next time......
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