Thursday, January 30, 2014

GOT thursday- dots

Hi there everyone
Today we have the theme of dots for out golden oldie polish challenge. simple right? well for some bizzare reason my brain stopped working and I could not for the life of my thing of what I wanted to do. Finally I took out my bottle of OPI moonraker which has been sitting my my cupboard for over a year. Now this was not a easy mani :( she stupid weather here was almost 40 oC and every time i tried to paint my nails the polish went gluggy as it was drying before I even had it on my nail. YUCK! I did finally get them painted, and after like a million attempts of nail stamping(again too hot for stamping!) I finally finished my Mani.

Apart from OPI moonraker, I used Ulta3 black satin and bundle monster plate BM415

Until next time.........
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