Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tri polish tuesday - 21st Jan

So as you might of guessed from yesterday post this week is Australia day week, and a bunch of us Aussie bloggers are doing nails to share our love for Australia. I really wanted to make sure I did all my challenges this week even tho we are doing Aussie manis. so today for Tri polish Tuesday, i have used red and yellow of the 3 colours to create my mani today.

A huge Aussie staple is Vegemite!!! When i lived in the UK for 6 years i had to get my mum to send me tubes of it to me regularly as i love it on toast, plus it is great to pop into gravy etc. Marmite is just not the same :(

When I was a kid they played a jingle for Vegemite on the TV, i still sing it today sometimes when I get the Vegemite out! It funny how you remember these things!

I decided to use Ulta3 Honolulu and chocolate cake to create the mani, and then I printed in white decal paper the little red Vegemite symbols.
I think the mani turned out quite well!!!!

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Until next time..........
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