Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tri Polish Tuesdays- 28st Jan

Hi there everyone!!!!!
Week 4 of the Tri Polish Challenge. And this week I went with ...... flames!
I was a little lazy.... It was late and I soooooo needed to get this done,so I painted my nails black with Ulta3 Black satin, then stamped with Ulta3 white lily some flames using MASH plate number 48 then sponged the 3 coloured polishes over the white to create the flame look. I used Essence wanna be your sunshine, better late than never and flashy pumpkin.

It did not turn out too bad! plus I got to use all 3 of the colours for the try polish challenge!

Ok so where to buy the stuff I used???
Essence and Ulta3 polish can be purchased Here or you can pick up essence from Priceline and ulta3 from your local chemist. The MASH plate can be brought Here.

Do not forget to check out everyones Manis below.

Until next time........
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