Sunday, January 19, 2014

Help Me Ronda- Hydration cuticle balm- Review

Hi there Everyone!
Today I'm sharing with you all a fairly new brand out called HELP ME RONDA. Ronda stocks a variety of aromatherapy products from Face oils to cuticle balms.
The customer service is fantastic, and when I asked if  she could create a specific blend of bath salts for me she did with ease.

Today I am sharing with you one of Help Me Ronda's newest products called Just deserts- Hot Apple Pie Hydration Balm. This is the second range of cuticle balms that Ronda has released. The first range were named and smelled like daiquiris and I purchased the Strawberry one.

The hydration balms come in a little 10 ml pot. It is a little bigger than a 50 cent piece. so quite a fair size. I like the face that the balm is a screw top tub more a click and lift one like Burt's bees. cause I don't know about you guys but I seem to chip my nails opening a Burt's bees cuticle balm regularly!!!

*product purchased by me. 

The next thing you will notice when you open the pot is the smell! OMG!!! i wish this blog was smellivision! cause this hot apple pie cuticle balm smells EXACTLY like MacDonald s Hot apple pies!!! EXACTLY!!! YUM!!!!!!! 

And you will see that the product is slightly soft. not like other cuticle balms which can be hard.

The Balm is ever so slightly gritty, but when you put the smallest amount on your cuticles ...and I'm talking about 1/2 the amount I have on my finger in the above pic, you will see the balm goes a long way and totally soaks into your skin, leaving it smelling nice and moisturized.

You can also pop the balm on your elbows and knees if you find that you have dry skin there as well.

Now what did it for me that first time I tried this product........ I had a planter wart on one of my finders near the nail. and after using the balm my wart disappeared. it slowly got smaller and then a bit of skin dropped off.  I was so impressed I then tried it on my daughters wart on her foot and got the same results. Now i'm sure that this may not be the same for everyone, as peoples bodies are different but for me! this was an awesome bonus! and after 2 months of using Help me Ronda's cuticle balms the wart has not come back!!!!

So all in all I am super happy with the product! I have even heard that one lady left her balm in her pocket and put it through the washing machine and the balm stayed intact! Now that's impressive!

Ok so now you are enticed......I can hear you say..... I NEED THIS NOW!!!!!

Well you can purchase the Cuticle hydration balms in several different flavors from HELP ME RONDA  she does ship worldwide, so everyone can get their pinkies on a tub!
Ronda also has a Giveaway on her FACEBOOK PAGE where if you purchase anything from her store you can enter to win a great prize!

Until next time......
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