Thursday, January 9, 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday Challenge - Pink

Hi there everyone!
Today i have another challenge i'm joining. It is the Golden Oldie Thursday Challenge by Crumpets nail tarts.
So what are the rules?? well your polish you swatch needs to be at least a year old. and it needs to be an untried. which is not an issue for me as I have hundreds of untrieds ATM!!!! 
So what did i pick for my very first Thursday???
Well it was a hard one and the theme is pink.......and I am SO not a pink person........ but I did have my very first Pretty Serious cosmetic polish that I purchased and i have never actually worn it!

The polish is called CGA, It is a shimmery creme with a slight green shift to it. I'm so glad I chose to wear it. The application was 2 coats and i really love the colour! it is almost lilac, but it is pink.

Pretty right??!!!

I think i am going to have a ball with this challenge. I cannot wait to share next weeks polish!!!

Until next time.....
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