Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Aussie Nails week - hand painted cockies

Hi there everyone! how are you?
Today I have taken inspiration from a painting i found on the internet. Here is the painting.

Image source-

This painting was painted by a lady called Jacqui McKinnon. And I love it! So I decided to try and paint this on my nails.
I used Zoya Song for the blue background, then with acrylic paint painted the background of branches and leaves. Then with Ulta3 polish (lily white,charcoal,honolulu,black satin,xoxo,chinchilly and soft hydrangea) I painted the cockies. then popped a top coat over it all.

It took quite a while to paint as each layer of polish had to dry.

I hope you like it I was quite happy with the results.
I love Ulta3 for nail art, I find that their opaqueness makes for good artwork.

If your interested in picking up a bottle or two of Ulta3 you can pick them up for only $2.00 at your local chemist or online at The heat group.
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Until next time...........
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