Saturday, January 18, 2014

Lynnderella Boy girl party swatch

Hi there everyone! today I have a awesome polish that I have had in my stash for ever but never got round to wear, but now I have worn Boy girl party I just want to put it over everything!!!!!

I layered Lynnderella Boy Girl Party over Pretty Serious Cosmetics Elliot. And the combo was perfect!

Even Osiris and Loki loved it!!!!!

Osiris having a sniff!

Loki giving the evil eye...."its MINE!!!"

You can pick up Lynnderella over at GLITTER CONNECT in Australia and overseas you can grab a bottle of glittery goodness at LYNNDERELLA on eBay.

And if you like my undies *giggles* you can grab a bottle of Elliot over at PRETTY SERIOUS COSMETICS

Until next time.......
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