Saturday, January 25, 2014

Aussie Nails week- Sydney skyline at sunset

Hello everyone!
This is the 3rd last mani for the Aussie week! I have had a ball doing all these different designs and it had reminded me that I need to do more nail art. I'm usually so lazy and just pop on polish and a glitter topper. hopefully you will see more designs on my blog :)

OK so today..... I have decided to paint the Sydney skyline at sunset. You have to admit Sydney skyline is quite remarkable. with the opera house,harbor bridge and centrepoint tower all in the one place is pretty great!
With this mani, I had to use a HEAP of different coloured polishes, and all of them were Ulta 3. You may have noticed I use a lot of their brand when I do nail art, and honestly I find that they are a good brand for cremes that's are opaque in only 1 or 2 coats.
I sponged on my nails the following colours. I did this over and over to create the blended skyline look - Ulta3 charcoal, blue marlin, spring break, palette play, block it out, tone it up, peach paradise, coral reef, Honolulu and midnight. I then used some silver holo glitter to add the stars at the top of the sky.

They turned out great I think.
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Until next time.........
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