Wednesday, January 8, 2014

China Glaze Happy Holi Glaze Collection Part 4

Hello there everyone!
Today is the last of the China Glaze Happy Holi Glaze collection polishes.
And we have the glitters to finish off with.

Your Present Required- Is a glitter polish packed full of.....well odd combo of colours.
I found I had to think about what colour to layer this over. The coloured glitter consists of royal blue, white, copper,gold, and fuchsia hexes in different sizes. I decided to layer 1 coat over China Glaze So Blue Without You. The glitter payoff was good with the one coat. I liked the fact that China Glaze had even put large 0.094 size hexes in the polish which you tend not to see often in a polish.
And.... and added bonus?? The white hexes are UV reactive and glow under UV light!

Bells will be Blinging- This polish is a combo of pale blue and gold metallic glitters and silver holo bar glitter. Ok. So I am not a lover of bar glitter at all. But this polish has the little 1/2 size bar glitters in it so they don't poke up on your nail and scratch everything you brush against. 
I decided to swatch this polish over China Glaze Santa Red my List with one coat, and then 3 coats by itself to see if i could build it up to opacity.Which it did.

Be Merry,Be Bright- A very lovely combo of bright fuchsia and blurple coloured glitters in a clear base. I really like this polish and I think this will be a all round the year polish. I'm actually gutted I only brought a mini version of it. I may just have to grab a full size when I see it next. The glitter pay off was good, and I only used 1 coat over China Glaze Mingle with Kringle.

So that is the last of the China Glaze Happy Holi Glaze Collection!
If you want to grab any of the polishes I have swatched from this collection head on over to Cherry Culture and you can grab them for USD$3.75 each plus postage.

Until next time......
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